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Qwiller provides online creative writing and English resources for secondary English teachers and students in Australia and around the world.

All of our resources are available for purchase and delivery online, ensuring immediate access. We can also print resources.

HSC English Area of Study, Standard and Advanced Work eBooks 

Ebook and print book on Discovery is available now. Standard ebook is available now and Advanced in January, 2017. Click here for more information.



Secondary English Units of Work

Save yourself loads of time. Subscribe to Secondary English Units of Work and download English units suitable for the Australian Curriculum and the NSW English Syllabus K-10 for the Australian Curriculum. You can upgrade to access the corresponding work ebooks. 

Units created by innovative and experienced teachers. Click here for more information.

Free English Resources

When you become a member of Qwiller as a teacher or a student, you can download free writing lessons and activities about various aspects of studying and teaching English in general, such as analysing film and picture books, writing creatively and developing writing skills. Click here for free writing resources and click here to become a member. If you are a teacher, you also receive a bi-annual e-newsletter. Click here for newsletters.

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